Integrated communications.

We are an integrated communications agency that specializes in the wine industry. Branding, social media and public relations are our passion. We commit to generating innovative ideas that will lead your business to success.



In an extremely competitive environment like the wine industry, standing out is key. Building a brand is much more than designing a logo. Here at Foster Newton we believe that brand value is built through emotional bonds that link the brand with its customers. Foster Newton always helps its clients in all the steps of modelling brand equity, from developing a branding plan to creating a portfolio



At FOSTER NEWTON we work to transform passive consumers into passionate advocates of wineries. We create integral communications strategies that take into account how clients, consumers and stockholders relate to brands. Whether we are carefully writing content, building relationships with gatekeepers or making a video, we always aim to satisfy the specific communication needs of the wine industry.



How can you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks to turn detached clients into fans of your wines? This is the age of involvement. Conversations about your brand are happening online everyday whether you are participating or not. FOSTER NEWTON will help you determine where your consumers are, what are they saying and how to contribute to the conversation in a constructive and authentic way. We are convinced that being proactive is the most effective way to build a reputation.

There are countless opportunities to connect with your target audience through social networks: the trick is knowing exactly when, where, and how to participate effectively. We can help you. We know the best practices for social media; we can identify and train the most suitable spokespersons, we can help you to connect productively with influencers and to keep your ear to the ground so that your winery can participate in the important conversations in the industry as they occur.



In FOSTER NEWTON we are capable of building brands that win your consumer’s hearts. That’s why companies choose us, and we choose them because we love what we do.



Our team

Lis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and has a Master of Science in Marketing. She is the director of Foster Newton, a wine marketing agency. She was the Marketing & Communications Manager of Wines of Argentina, where she created -among other successful projects- Malbec World Day (an event that is now celebrated in more than 70 cities) and implemented a new Branding and Social Media strategy for this institution. She also worked as Senior Brand Manager for the International Business department of Peñaflor Group. Previously, she had worked in Marketing and as a freelance consultant for several wineries such as Antucura and O. Fournier. In 2007 she creates “GoWine!”, the first social network about wine in Argentina. She worked in academia as a professor in the Wine MBA program of Juan Agustín Maza University and in the Wine Management program in ADEN Business School. She has given talks and conducted seminars. She was also invited by the University of Kansas as a lecturer for undergraduate and graduate programs.
Communications Coordinator
Arman loves creative challenges. He studied Advertising and Art Direction and now studies Multimedia Design. His experience at the Argentina Association of Advertising Agencies in Buenos Aires in 2011 changed his way of relating to media. While he was staying at Cordoba he became an entrepreneur and opened an art supply and eco-friendly furniture shop. Now, in Mendoza, he has embarked on a venture to sell vintage clothing, inspired by American antique fairs. He also was part of a project to update google maps’ database. He is an intern at Foster Newton: versatile and creative, he participates in
Copywriter & CM
Leandro studied Advertising and found his place as one of the creative minds of Foster Newton. An ardent speed enthusiast, he can never be still: he wanders as he does in his motorbike, searching for ideas, trends and art in the streets, playlists or the net. His mind works on a cyclical way, as a merry-go-round, juggling concepts of art, photography and information that always has a use. He is convinced that he consumer can be modelled like clay to bring him closer to the brand. Some of his favorite things are movies, his Vespa and Mac DeMarco.
Associate Producer
Tomás studied Communications and Advertising and works in Design, Branding and Photography. He worked for Brokers as Communications Manager and for The Sportsman and Pideravlanca as Brand Manager. He was Art Director of High magazine and was part of the Marketing department of Peñaflor group. Since 2007 he works as a freelance advertising & fashion producer, mainly for audiovisual productions. He works as Branding Manager for Foster Newton. Tommy explores the audiovisual world to detect the vitality and the value of each brand and renders them into artistic language.
Carolina handles Foster Newton’s finances. Her keen eye and meticulous care help her balance Foster Newton’s incomes and expenses. She is a nutritionist who has launched her own projects as an entrepreneur. She started a business of home delivered diets, in which she acquired the know-how for running a business.
Graphic Design
Paula studied Graphic Design, the calling to which she gives her undivided time and energy. She was born a perfectionist and has always indulged her passion for details. In 2010 she worked with different brands in La Galera, a communications agency she created with a publicist. She started to export her ideas when she joined of Viva Marketing Group, where she generated content for the Hispanic community in the United States. She has a few weaknesses that say a lot about her: notebooks, jerseys, apple green and tangerines. Paula is the designer of Foster Newton and her mission is clear: giving an identity to each brand and embellishing its message for the audience. Her allies in this battle are images, colors and just a few right words that can make the difference.
Federica Monge
Creative Producer
Federica Monge studied Graphic Design at the National University of Cuyo. She also trained as a producer, fashion designer, and communicator in Buenos Aires. Always driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, in 2012 she created her own clothing band, MUCHA, in which she currently works as creative director. In 2014 she joined Plataforma G, a project that promotes new fashion designers in Mendoza. As a producer in this startup, she is in charge of managing and designing events and fashion shows. She loves visual arts and cinema, finding her inspiration in people, observing the streets and everyday life. She loves to work on new projects and watch them grow. Her restlessness and creativity allow her to undertake projects of all kinds. Her commitment and dedication to each and every of her tasks is what sets her apart. In her free time she enjoys reading, good coffee, music, and friends.
Axel Rezinovsky
Photo & Film
Axel Rezinovsky always stood out due to his creativity and love for the arts. He started to create stories with the family’s disused analog film camera, which prompted him to discover his true passion: cinema. At 16 he made his first full-length film and started to work as a freelance film producer. He is mainly a self-taught artist, but he has also studied Graphic Design, Architecture, and specialized in cinema at the New York Film Academy. He has participated in the media coverage of prestigious events, celebrations, and fashion campaigns. He has also showcased his skills at television: he worked as an editor and digital art manager at the local TV station Acequia since its foundation and has made other productions for popular local media. Years of experience with new tools and social media have made him the ideal person to generate audiovisual content at Foster Newton. Axel collects albums and loves Disney films.